The Mariam Group


We find Solutions to Life's Problems

MariamTek is the For-Profit subsidiary of The Mariam Group.  We are a Technology Development and Holding Company that actively manages the development of new solutions with the potential to address the most difficult problems of our time.   MariamTek strives to make the world a better place in a financially sustainable manner thus supporting the philanthropic efforts of The Mariam Group.


Biotechnology Investment with Aggressive Management

Talent Scout - MariamTek finds the best new ideas and recruits them to the Mariam Team

Talent Coach - MariamTek develops new technologies into a marketable product or service. 

Talent Agent - We then use our access to equity, healthcare systems, government policy makers and regulators to distribute our talented and proven technology around the world. 


Investment Opportunities of all Sizes and Sectors

Global Collaboration has become a reality and a necessity especially in HealthCare development.  MariamTek uses block chain technology to allow access to investors of all sizes and allows them to direct their investments into particular areas of interests such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer's, vaccine development etc.


MariamTek is especially keen on new technologies that have a shorter road to regulatory approval and clinical deployment

MariamTek prefers solutions that can expedite the delivery of new treatments for patients while at the same time enhancing the Return on Investment.

We particularly like technology with the following attributes:

  • Platform Technology with multiple clinical uses
  • Natural product and pathways (already in your body)
  • Reformulated product with demonstrated safety
  • Stable and transportable compounds
  • Affordable
  • Solid IP protection


Global collaboration and synergy that bends the cost curve of biotechnology development and expedites deployment

Biotechnology Development in the past, by tradition and financial necessity,  has been focused on common health care issues found in the most lucrative markets.  The rest of the world must then wait for the regulatory agencies in the US, Europe and Japan, etc. to approve these transformative products and services.  MariamTek  envisions a global collaboration of scientists, physicians and governmental officials to expedite the development and testing of new therapies in the rest of the world.   The recruitment of key opinion leaders and the support of bold, informed governmental  ministers can lead to well-run clinical trials followed by expedited regional approvals.  This is especially important for diseases that are not of prime interest to the traditional large and lucrative markets. (e.g. treatments for mosquito borne diseases, low cost vaccination for tropical diseases. blood bank alternatives, etc.)  In addition,  low cost and effective treatments can be developed for deployment in the low and middle income countries. (e.g. oral cancer therapeutics, natural compounds for epigenetic cancer control, repurposed and reformulated drugs that can be developed and tested at a fraction of the cost, new delivery technologies for vaccines and blood products.)


Sustainable Philanthropy

Dedicated Philanthropy requires amassed wealth or a source of income that provides sustainability.  The Mariam Group uses it global connections with governments of low and middle income countries and the  alphabet soup of dedicated and established NGOs to deliver advanced and affordable care, housing and education to our fellow citizens.  The profit made by MariamTek is a financial and philanthropic win for investors and Mariamtek principals and supports the ongoing programs of The Mariam Group.

We are dedicated to finding solutions to these problems

Preventive Medicine

Vaccination remains the best value in medicine.  A new vaccination platform that is more effective, room temperature stable, less expensive, needle-free and can be administered by non-medical personnel facilitates greater penetration into the developing world.

Acute Care Medicine

New technologies for treating critically ill or injured patients include long half-life, universally compatible blood components for emergency resuscitation and natural proteins that miminze cellular damage after exposure to toxins, ischemia and injury.

Cancer - diagnostic and treatment breakthroughs

1) Earlier diagnosis based on a blood test predicts  better cancer survival.

2) Directed cancer treatments controls cancer growth without  toxicity.  

3) Deploying 1 and 2  while improving cancer survival at lowers costs is within reach.

Atherosclerosis leads to death and disability from strokes, heart disease and kidney failure

New therapies hold the promise of controlling the inflammation driving vascular disease and its debilitating destructive organ failure.

Anti-aging and functional medicine

Lifespan increases should be accompanied with increases in the healthspan.  Modern discoveries can be deployed to maintain  productivity, sexual function, family enjoyment, physical activity, intellectual fulfillment and clear thinking for a lifetime.


Type 1 diabetes - A balanced immune system is achievable and can control a world of suffering.  

Treating Type 2 diabetes and the metabolic syndrome requires multiple approaches but clinical and lifestyle interventions are imminent.